About Thailand

Thailand takes pride in its being a country at the crossroads; It is strategically situated right at the heart of Southeast Asia, one of the up-and-coming-on-strong economic markets in the world with its 68.3 million consumers. The country also sports superior international transportation networks and flight connections, making it a land laden with business prospects awaiting you to take to prosperity. Additionally, with its location surrounded by countries with starkly different cultures, the country also doubles as a melting pot with a truly one-of-a-kind eclectic mixture of a little bit of everything Asian and beyond, with each seeming to flash upon the eyes of all beholders to bear witness upon setting their foot on this cloverleaf nation — somehow striking a bell that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

About Bangkok

A city of sort-of-clashing-sort-of-merging atmospheres, it is home to an seemingly contrasting, yet so harmonious, symbiosis of heritage and contemporaneity: skyscrapers with glass curtain walls to full height that seamlessly blend into the skyscape, greeting you around every corner of the downtown, sleekly nestled over historic edifices of heterogeneous nature and architecture tucked away in every nook and cranny of the capital that give you a serious dose of the multifarious, all-embracing Thai-ness. Not to mention the central business district with a galore of local lifestyle complexes and multinational leading companies, topping it off with the pulsating ambiance that pervades and vibrates the city’ entire fabric. One never runs out of things to do in Thailand — a truly country at the crossroads between Asia and beyond, between past and present.

About Anantara Siam Bangkok

And for a shining illustration of such an ethos, look no further than Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, the venue for the 38th M&A Worldwide Convention Bangkok. No less singular than the Summit, the hotel scales to new heights the already unrivaled location in the district with iconic design infused with a palpable sense of exquisite craftsmanship; High chandeliered ceilings, hand-painted silk murals, and lush gardens thoughtfully positioned just to conjure up a quintessentially private sanctuary cloistered right at the heart of the city that never truly sleeps. To lend the overall space a conspicuously unmarred spacious flow, its distinct design aesthetics continues through spacious, sunlit rooms in classic Thai and contemporary styles for you to avail from that spill out onto the commodious balconies overlooking the exuberant metropolis.

All this is done with the singular purpose in mind: to serenade you with a culturally rich and restful respite prior to your venturing out to exploration, be it by the skytrain just steps away to every architectural landmark on every authoritative list of must-visits in Bangkok or on foot to a slew of its most exclusive malls just around the corner. To cap it all off, award-winning dining and unwinding in the charm and warmth of Thai hospitality at the hotel round out the once-in-a-lifetime experience amid the cultural vibrancy of the big city, only for you to realize that fast-paced life is actually mesmerizing — Indeed, from Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, life is so enchanting.